The city of Bulverde is located about 23 miles north of Downtown San Antonio in the Texas Hill Country. Bulverde, on Cibolo Creek nineteen miles west of New Braunfels in southwestern Comal County, was settled in 1850 and called Pieper Settlement, after Anton Pieper. For many years the closest post office was at Smithson Valley, and mail was delivered once a week to the house of Carl Koch in Bulverde. A local post office that operated from 1879 to 1919 was named for Luciano Bulverdo, an early area landowner. Since 1959 Bulverde has been served by a community post office that opened in Charles L. Wood's store. The town had a population of nearly 100 until the 1960s, when it fell to twenty-five. The Herrera, Ufnau, Honey Creek, Mustang Hill, and Green Hill schools were consolidated with the Bulverde school district, which had an enrollment of fifty-two in 1947. In more recent decades two residential developments have been built near the historic crossroads community namely singing hills featuring Wal-mart, Whataburger, and many other retailers, and eateries.

The Bulverde area’s historical heritage includes buildings, rock walls, windmills, and the beautiful landscape of creek-beds, hills and valleys, wildflowers, and live oak and other types of native trees. As mentioned in the first chapter of this Comprehensive Plan, the history of the community and the region is both unique and significant. This history should be seen as an important resource both for establishing an identity for the City of Bulverde and developing it as an attractive community that stands out from other suburban towns making it an attractive place to call home.

Source: Texas State Historical Association, City of Bulverde

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